Colleen Fazio, Senior Analyst

Show Notes:

There’s a simple (but not easy) recipe for a successful voice of the customer (VoC) program: LIAM. As Senior Analyst Colleen Fazio explains on this episode of What It Means, LIAM stands for Listen, Interpret, Act, and Monitor. VoC programs work best when they can synthesize customer sentiment into fuel that powers improvements within business operations.

Succeeding with VoC can be a struggle: Only 12% of customer experience (CX) pros give their program a maturity rating of high or very high. Today’s programs are often survey-obsessed — flooding customers with unwanted survey emails — while failing to show value.

To address this, Fazio recommends that CX pros do less seeking and more finding. There are treasure troves of customer insights waiting to be unearthed, especially in the contact center. Advanced tools such as text analytics can help, but you don’t need something fancy to make progress. Start small. For example, set up a channel where agents can log common issues that they hear about from customers.

You can also make big progress by closing the loop with customers. Our research shows that just reaching out can reduce churn by double digits. Internally, start sharing positive feedback in addition to negative, like Amex does. This can improve employees’ perceptions of the program and make them more willing to change behaviors and processes based on the program’s recommendations. Listen to the full episode to learn more tips and tricks for VoC program success.