Carl Doty, Vice President, Group Director and Laura Koetzle, Vice President, Group Director


Show notes:

Autonomous vehicles will have far-reaching and diverse impacts on the global economy, society, and six industry domains.

This is not an evolution but rather a revolution.

Governments are setting policy now to remake their cityscapes. Singapore is expected to mandate 100% autonomous vehicles no later than 2027, for example, and emerging world cities may leapfrog underdeveloped transportation infrastructure to autonomous vehicle systems of roads, rails, and waterways, which create the potential to reconnect workers with jobs.

A different revolution will occur inside the vehicle. For a long time, cars have been differentiated by the engine, drive quality, and external design — giving consumers the ability to help define their identity through the car they’re driving — but what happens when both the outside of cars and their drive quality are essentially all the same? Infotainment will accelerate.

Competition will shift from carmaker versus carmaker to carmaker versus media giant versus publisher. Ten years from now, we’ll see expansive digital ecosystems that consumers create and operate by renting mobility time.

Autonomous transport and the mobility it delivers creates a mix of improvements and threats. Massive amounts of data create tremendous privacy exposures, while connectivity and autonomy increase the attack surface.

In the last installment of our two-part episode on autonomous vehicles, Carl Doty and Laura Koetzle further explore the disruptive potential of autonomous vehicles and their profound ability to reshape industries and society.