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Kevin Moffitt, Chief Retail Officer at Office Depot

Show Notes:

Office Depot is about more than printers and toners. It’s about helping entrepreneurs grow their business, no matter how small or large that business is. In January 2017, the organization welcomed CEO Gerry Smith, setting off a new era of innovation.  

In this episode, Office Depot’s Chief Retail Officer Kevin Moffitt discusses how to strengthen your business by focusing on culture and values. “Our business is a people business,” said Moffitt, and people are key to moving any business forward. 

The company engaged in two-way conversation with frontline employees, empowering them to act like consultants and recommend an appropriate mix of Office Depot’s wide range of offerings. BizBox, for example, is a suite of online services that supports everything from legal support to social media strategy. Employees were energized when they saw how their work helps people achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. 

Hear how Office Depot keeps the organization connected to its wider purpose and why this is crucial to driving growth. 

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