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Current market volatility has hit retailers hard. Many are struggling to re-orient operations to meet customer expectations. Read our advice.

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Email Marketers: Empathize With Customers To Stay Off Their Naughty Lists

Shar VanBoskirk 16 hours ago
Use our tips to help your email programs perform better and strengthen long-term customer loyalty this holiday season.

Three Last-Minute Tips To Make Retail Customer Service Merry And Bright

Christina McAllister 2 days ago
During the holiday retail crunch and last-minute scramble, read Forrester’s tips to ensure a merry customer service retail season.

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‘Tis The Season To Master Retail Media

Nikhil Lai 7 days ago
Retail media’s challenges signal growing pains unlike those of other channels. Read more on Forrester’s insights for this holiday season.

Holiday Magic Begins With Empowered Store Associates

Lauren Cevallos November 21, 2023
As retailers enter their busiest period, leveraging store associate tools is a must. Read Forrester’s insights on how to maximize their potential this season.

Apple Sales And Profits Analysis For FY 2023 — Top 10 Insights

Jitender Miglani November 21, 2023
Read this blog for analysis and the top 10 key takeaways from Apple’s FY 2023 sales and profits reporting.

Stay Off Santa’s Naughty List: Four Ways To Responsibly Design Experiences This Holiday Season

Gina Bhawalkar November 20, 2023
Practice inclusive design this holiday season to unlock long-term benefits. Here are four ways to implement responsible design.

Five Things Consumers Told Us About Their 2023 Holiday Shopping Plans

Nicole Murgia November 7, 2023
Read more on how US consumers plan to shop this winter holiday season.

Where Are CX Leaders Targeting Their 2024 Spend?

Download our 2024 Planning Guide for Customer Experience Leaders to see where AI investments deliver the greatest gains — and three redundant priorities to pull back on.


Tune Commerce Search To Support Santa This Holiday Season

Emily Pfeiffer November 2, 2023
Strong commerce search functionality will be pivotal in your customers’ digital shopping experiences this holiday season — learn what you must do to tune that.

When Generative AI Meets Double 11 — What To Expect On Singles’ Day 2023

Xiaofeng Wang November 2, 2023
We'll see a refocus on low-price strategy — along with dashes of genAI influence.

Master E-Commerce Fulfillment And Returns For Success This Holiday Season

Sucharita Kodali October 26, 2023
Embrace our recommendations, along with the upcoming advice in our holiday series, to survive the holiday rush.

The Future Of Retail: Building Physical Stores For A Digital World

Brendan Witcher October 25, 2023
Transform traditional retail stores into dynamic, customer-centric spaces that enhance experiences and drive business outcomes.

Predictions 2024: Digital Commerce Will Go Small, Artificial, And Augmented

Emily Pfeiffer October 25, 2023
Digital commerce in 2024 will adopt artificial intelligence and augmented reality to solve specific use cases. Overall, digital businesses will apply surgical precision, rather than sweeping change, to their technology decisions. Read our predictions.

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Explore 2024 insights for investing in CX strategy to drive action, value, and revenue.


Predictions 2024: Retailers Will Need To Brace For A Tough 2024

Sucharita Kodali October 25, 2023
As retailers gear up for 2024, they must confront an array of challenges, from theft and culture wars to the adoption of new technologies such as AR, VR, and genAI. Despite the challenges, the retailers that rise to the occasion and make the right strategic decisions will position themselves for success.

US Holiday Retail Sales Will Reach $969 Billion In 2023

Jitender Miglani October 24, 2023
Forrester forecasts that total end-of-year holiday retail sales in the US will reach $969 billion, a 4.3% year-over-year increase. Read more.

The Ghosts Of Christmas Past: Kick-Start Your Holiday 2023 Prep With Forrester’s Past Blog Series

Nicole Murgia October 20, 2023
We kicked off the 2024 series earlier this month but wanted to highlight some still-relevant “ghosts of holiday insights past.”

How 50 Retailers And Brands Competed With Amazon’s October 2023 Prime Event

Nicole Murgia October 17, 2023
We reviewed 50 brand and retailer websites during Amazon’s October Prime Big Deal Days — here are our findings.

Can Store Fulfillment Tech Help Solve The Retail Theft Crisis?

Emily Pfeiffer October 10, 2023
A retailer’s solution to solve increased shrink may already be in its arsenal. Learn how store fulfillment tech such as order management systems may help prevent retail theft.

’Tis The Season For Forrester’s End-Of-Year Retail Holidays Blog Series

Nicole Murgia October 4, 2023
The retail holiday season is already well underway, and to help you prepare for your busiest season, we’re kicking off our fifth annual “Holiday Prep” blog series.

The Retail Race In Healthcare Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Arielle Trzcinski October 2, 2023
Learn the impact of Costco moving into the retail healthcare space through a new partnership with healthcare marketplace Sesame.

Where Should You Start Your Retail IoT Journey?

Michele Pelino October 2, 2023
From data implications to the myriad of use cases, IoT can be somewhat daunting for retail companies. Get some guidance on where to begin with IoT in this post.
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