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Fatemeh Khatibloo, Principal Analyst

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To date, brands have had total control over algorithms. But they haven’t always wielded that power successfully.

In the first algorithm gold rush, brands forgot the human factor, causing disastrous results. For example, optimizing for stickiness led to “fake news.” The public has grown tired of creepy personalization and constant breaches of their personal data. They’ve grown tired of algorithms that serve brands’ needs and not their own.

They aren’t going to put up with it forever.

At Forrester’s Data Strategy & Insights 2018 Forum, Fatemeh Khatibloo will explain the coming reality of the personal digital twin, an algorithm that allows an individual to customize their online experience, shaping it to match their preferences and goals.

You’ll learn why this isn’t only inevitable, it’s a good thing. Companies will be able to target more efficiently and reduce data privacy risks, among other benefits.

Today’s podcast episode gives a taste of what to expect at the Data Strategy & Insights 2018 Forum and insight into the next phase of the algorithm’s evolution.