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Sam Stern, Principal Analyst

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Productivity is not the same as busyness. Employees are so often bogged down by mindless tasks and unnecessary meetings that outcome-oriented priorities are obstructed from view. In addition to the challenges of day-to-day work, employees are also being asked to change constantly as disruption forces the business to move in new directions at breakneck speed.

So where does that leave the employee experience?

If companies aren’t careful, employees can quickly lose sight of how they fit into the overall business outcome, leading to lower productivity, disillusionment, and attrition.

It is up to senior-level stakeholders to collaborate and ensure that this doesn’t happen. While customer centricity, innovation, and organizational change are on many companies’ to-do lists, none of these will be achieved without an engaged workforce.

In this week’s podcast, Principal Analyst Sam Stern discusses the importance of aligning your organization to a higher purpose and actively enabling employee productivity.