Starting Your Marketing Annual Planning? What You Need To Know

Complimentary Webinar


Craig Moore, VP, Principal Analyst 

Don’t start your annual marketing planning without analyst insight into the common mistakes you can avoid — and the tools and tips to help you create a great annual plan.

Watch this webinar to learn what’s missing from your annual planning approach, with analyst insight into best practices for a marketing planning process to help you reach your goals.

What Will You Learn? 

  • Common annual planning mistakes to avoid
  • The problem with functional budget planning
  • How to align annual plans with product, audience, and revenue goals
  • How to use models, templates, and tools to optimize every stage of your planning process

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45 minutes

Featured Speaker

Craig Moore

VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Craig brings 30 years of experience to the marketing executive services team. His three decades of experience span marketing operations, partner marketing, strategic alliances, product marketing and management, software development, and entrepreneurship.