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The Critical Role Of Campaign Content Strategy

Phyllis Davidson May 1, 2024
In B2B marketing, the creation and execution of content strategies often fall short of their potential. What's missing is a crucial element: a cohesive strategy that underpins the entire content framework. Join us at B2B Summit North America to help remedy the issue.

Evolving B2B Marketing Mindsets

Craig Moore November 22, 2023
Marketing has become a strategic function in driving revenue growth for B2B companies, but to continue improving, marketing leaders must challenge long-held beliefs and retool their mindsets to embrace the evolving customer lifecycle and complex buying journeys. Let’s explore the ingrained mindsets that B2B marketing leaders must abandon to evolve and thrive. The mythical B2B […]

Building The Elements Of Your B2B Marketing Plan

Craig Moore December 8, 2022
Once you’ve gathered the input needed to create an annual marketing plan, the next step is to define the plan’s components. Learn how, step by step.

The Three Key Inputs You Need For B2B Marketing Planning

Craig Moore December 6, 2022
For a B2B annual marketing plan to be meaningful, marketing leaders need the right information — and to know how to find it.

Annual Planning Season Is Here — Make It As Productive As Possible

Craig Moore December 2, 2022
In an uncertain economic climate, having a sound marketing planning process is critical. In this first post of a three-part series, we introduce a methodical approach to B2B marketing planning.

For B2B Marketers, This Is The Next Best Thing To Time Travel

Craig Moore September 13, 2021
It's impossible to know what the future holds for marketing campaigns in development. But you can course-correct at pivotal points to achieve the results you seek.

Predicting Six More Weeks Of Winter For B2B CMOs

Craig Moore October 5, 2020
B2B marketing leaders are experiencing their own version of Groundhog Day when planning their budgets. They need better planning information and better insights to avoid the tragic cycle of repeating past budget planning mistakes.

Bold at Work Profile: SAP + Qualtrics Leverage Combined Strength

Craig Moore June 1, 2020
  • In 2018, SAP acquired Qualtrics, a series C start-up with innovative offerings in the category of experience management
  • SAP recognized that Qualtrics had an agile go-to-market approach and wanted its growth to continue while giving it a boost from SAP’s global reach and third-party channels
  • As a result of leveraging their combined strength, SAP + Qualtrics received a Return on Integration Honor Award at SiriusDecisions Summit 2020

Rethinking The Marketing Plan In A Socially Distant World

Craig Moore April 23, 2020
Isn’t it funny what we take for granted? I bet you never thought you’d miss the local hardware store, your favorite restaurant, or even the office! While some things have temporarily disappeared from our lives in these times of social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, other things — such as business goals — […]

What Does the Price of a Dog Have to Do With the Campaign Framework?

Craig Moore June 20, 2019
  • Customers are forever – or should be
  • Designing campaigns to drive sales is only half the job
  • Campaigns must be designed to win – and keep – customers

Top Five Windows of Opportunity for Marketing Operations Leaders in 2019

Craig Moore September 12, 2018
  • SiriusDecisions has identified five windows of opportunity that should drive the agenda of marketing operations leaders in 2019
  • Marketing operations leaders have the opportunity to drive strategic initiatives across data, infrastructure, planning and measurement
  • Take advantage of the momentum from new and emerging data privacy regulations to implement a consistent, data-driven approach for marketing activities

The Seven Steps of Campaign Implementation

Craig Moore June 19, 2018
  • The SiriusDecisions Campaign Framework provides a strategic approach to address customer needs and distinct market segments
  • Successful implementation requires alignment to business objectives prior to campaign design
  • Measurement and budget planning play a key role in each phase

Three Ways CMOs Are Using Agile in Marketing

Craig Moore January 29, 2018
  • SiriusDecisions has conducted primary research to assess the state of agile marketing
  • There is lots of confusion in B2B about what agile marketing really is
  • We have identified three levels of agile marketing proficiency in B2B marketing organizations

2016 True Costs of Marketing Survey Results

Craig Moore April 25, 2016
  • The SiriusDecisions 2016 survey on B2B marketing spend is complete
  • More than a decade of results helps pinpoint trends across companies of all sizes
  • Marketing investment is up, and much of it is going into tools, systems and outsourced services

Six Steps to Successful Marketing Planning

Craig Moore June 2, 2015
  • B2B marketers often struggle to align their annual planning efforts with their business goals and growth strategies
  • At SiriusDecisions 2015 Summit, we introduced a redefined marketing planning process that addresses these challenges
  • A good marketing plan is aligned with business objectives, can be executed and is flexible enough to be effective after a change

What I Like About Being an Analyst

Craig Moore March 10, 2015
  • We listen to clients, learn what they are working on and discuss the challenges they face
  • We conduct surveys, examine data, interview experts, practitioners and vendors, and examine products
  • Clients often tell us how they have improved their revenue, profits and efficiency by adopting our recommendations

Who’s the Marketing CTO?

Craig Moore August 28, 2014
In the olden days, the high priests of Information Technology determined the technology roadmap. They prioritized initiatives, and they managed a queue of requests from departments across the company. The vendors courted them, and they selected the systems and the integrators. If your function was unlucky enough to be far down the list, you couldn’t […]

Big Data and Analytics- Five Foundational Elements

Craig Moore March 24, 2014

Get the most leverage from your B2B marketing analytics efforts! The first crucial step is to ensure these five key elements are in place.


Why Bother With Advanced Analytics?

Craig Moore February 24, 2014
There’s no shortage of discussion about the possibilities of big data and advanced analytics for today’s B2B marketers. Sales and marketing analytics covers a spectrum of data and techniques, from historical to exploratory to predictive analysis. Historical analysis, which examines past activities or results across a range of categories, is used to report on marketing […]

Maybe You Already Have Enough Data for Analytics: Part IV: How Much Historical Data Do You Need?

Craig Moore June 14, 2013
In my previous posts, I discussed marketing touch analysis and marketing mix modeling. The underlying point has been that you probably already have the data to do this kind of analysis. If you don’t, it might be because you are not collecting it, although it is already being generated by your interactions with customers. Now […]
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