Say Goodbye To MQLs, No Thanks To MQAs, And Hello To Opportunities

Marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and marketing-qualified accounts (MQAs) have long been the conventional focus of B2B marketing efforts. Yet the buyer’s journey has changed, and the lead-centric approach to marketing must change, too.

What’s needed now is a way to align teams around customer value to drive sustained growth. This means moving from a mindset of accumulating leads to building a long-term marketing strategy focused on extending customer value.

Watch this webinar to discover why savvy marketers are moving past MQLs to focus on opportunity segments that reveal stronger signals of intent — and unlock opportunities to grow customer obsession.

In this B2B marketing webinar, you’ll explore the process, system, and cultural issues tied to MQLs and MQAs that can hold you back and learn:

  • Why traditional MQLs severely limit a marketer’s ability to impact performance.
  • Why MQAs aren’t a reasonable alternative.
  • How opportunity segments can help you move past MQL limits and create a more effective revenue process.

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