I finally accumulated enough points from caps of coke bottles to purchase the beanie hat. By the time I did though, the caps were sold out. I ordered luggage tags instead. A bit disappointing, but overall, I really like this campaign.

What I really liked:

The TV commercials were awesome. (Ok, yes, I watch American Idol). Very educational. Everyone should be thanking companies like American Idol and Coca Cola for helping to educate mobile subscribers and build this market. It is reminiscent of Intel helping to build awareness of Wi-Fi with their Centrino campaigns a few years ago.

The idea to text in the codes was great. One didn't have to save the caps or carry them until getting to a PC. They could be redeemed and tossed immediately.

I also like the integration with the web site especially that they tracked what product you were drinking. They have not, however, seemed to have done anything with the information yet.

I want coupons for more soda.