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NPS Q&A Part 2: Financial Linkage, Targets, Benchmarking

Maxie Schmidt 37 mins ago
I compared Net Promoter Score (NPS) to our apricot tree in my blog NPS Q&A Part 1: Controversy, Fit And Alternatives: Both sometimes disappoint but both have been around for a while, our landlords (your execs) have the final say on using it, and replacing either is a bet with an uncertain outcome. That’s why […]

NPS Q&A Part 1: Controversy, Fit And Alternatives

Maxie Schmidt 41 mins ago
Net Promoter Score (NPS) reminds me of the apricot tree on the side of our house. It sometimes disappoints us – like this year when it carried exactly one (!) fruit. But we’ve had it for a while, we don’t know if another tree would do better and it’s a rental home so our landlords […]

B2B Summit APAC 2024: Transform Your Revenue Engine

Dane Anderson 5 hours ago
All good things must come to an end. The B2B revenue engines we constructed and operated over the past couple decades served us well, but they’re showing their age. As they confront increasingly demanding, younger and more impatient customers, they buckle. The methods we’ve employed don’t generate the returns they once did, and the misalignments […]

Even GenAI-Trained Execs Are Confused About It (Our Survey Shows) — So Give Them Better Training

David Truog 2 days ago
Do executives understand generative AI (genAI) better than consumers do? Nope — apparently not. Our research shows that among consumers, generative AI is poorly understood or not at all (see The State Of Consumer Usage Of Generative AI, 2024). And you might think that execs would be better informed, considering the high-stakes decisions they must […]

The Global Digital Economy Will Reach $16.5 Trillion And Capture 17% Of Global GDP By 2028

Michael O'Grady 2 days ago
Digital Transformation Is A Cornerstone Of Innovation And Sustainable Growth The World Economic Forum estimates that more than two-thirds of new value creation over the next decade could come from digitally enabled platforms. Forrester’s new Global Digital Economy Forecast measures the size and growth of the digital economy across technology spend, retail, travel e-commerce, insurance […]

Trusted AI Begins And Ends With Alignment

Brandon Purcell 2 days ago
What do discrimination, harmful content, unexpected outcomes, and catastrophic business failure have in common? They are all potential consequences of misaligned AI. They are also largely avoidable. Misaligned AI erodes trust among employees, customers, government, and other stakeholders, and trusted AI holds the key to enterprise AI success. Without trust in AI, enterprises will not […]

Introducing AI Alignment: A Technology Point Of View

Brian Hopkins 2 days ago
Before 2022, software development primarily focused on reliability and functionality testing, given the predictable nature of traditional systems and apps. With the rise of generative AI (genAI) models, however, the concept of model and AI alignment has become increasingly crucial. I had the privilege of contributing to a groundbreaking report titled Align By Design (Or […]

Entfesselung der B2B-Revolution: Das große Potenzial des E-Commerce

Christina Schmitt 2 days ago
Im Zeitalter des B2B-E-Commerce ist Stillstand gleichbedeutend mit Zurückbleiben. CMOs nehmen hier eine zentrale Rolle ein und müssen das Potenzial des E-Commerce in ihrem Unternehmen erschließen und maximieren.

Budget Planning Season Is Coming. Use Forrester’s Budget Planning Guides To Cut Through Complexity.

Sharyn Leaver July 18, 2024
Our Budget Planning Guides will steer you toward budgeting decisions that set you up for success in 2025. Get a preview of what to expect when the guides launch on August 1.

Happy AI Appreciation Day! (Yes, That’s A Thing.)

Brandon Purcell July 16, 2024
With all of the attention bestowed on AI, it may feel as though every day is AI Appreciation Day. Today — on the actual AI Appreciation Day — we look at its impact on companies and on society and how hesitant leaders can get on board.

The CEO’s Guide To Building Generative AI

George Colony July 16, 2024
Creating our generative AI tool, Izola, taught us some very valuable lessons. Here are five that may help you on your own genAI journey.

Navigating The Research-Stakeholder Partnership: Five Lessons From The Field

Senem Guler Biyikli July 15, 2024
Getting stakeholders on board is crucial for customer research to have a real impact on decisions. The Forrester report, “Build Effective Research Partnerships To Ensure Impact,” delves into how researchers can build strong partnerships with stakeholders throughout the research process. This blog covers five often-overlooked lessons from the report that are crucial to build effective partnerships with stakeholders.

Threading The Needle On GenAI And Developer Experience

Andrew Cornwall July 11, 2024
Let’s face it: A lot of what developers do is routine. I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard a developer declare, “Hooray, I get to set up a SQL database!” (Well … maybe I’ve heard that once or twice — I know a lot of developers who are connoisseurs of sarcasm.) However, when it comes to […]

Four Questions To Ask When Selecting An All-In-One Event Management Platform

Conrad Mills July 11, 2024
Too many organizations treat their event technology as a tactical rather than strategic asset, with different teams selecting and deploying solutions in silos. This leads to wasted resources, overlapping capabilities, and data silos. Consolidating on to a single all-in-one event management platform (EMP) solves these challenges and also helps teams deliver more personalized and digital-centric […]

Every Revenue Process Transformation Will Be Unique — Just Get Started

Amy Hawthorne July 9, 2024
A revenue process transformation isn’t a project or single workshop initiative. It’s an ongoing, collaborative effort that requires organizations to meet their buyers at every stage of their journey. Learn what it takes to get started.

Software Design Gets An AI Infusion From Figma, And It’s Worth Trying Now

David Truog July 8, 2024
With Adobe’s $20 billion proposed acquisition of Figma called off in response to regulatory scrutiny based on insufficient understanding of how software is made, a sense of expectant curiosity surrounded Figma’s 2024 installment of Config (its annual user conference), especially about its AI strategy. Why? Because although Figma has rocketed to leadership in software interaction […]

For Brands, The Olympics Is Unlike Any Other Sporting Event

Dipanjan Chatterjee July 8, 2024
The Olympics are global, prestigious, vast, and a tribute to extraordinary grit. Companies looking to leverage the games to promote their brands need to recognize the event's uniqueness.

The Global State Of B2B Events — Eight Key Findings On Event Trends From Forrester’s Recent Survey

Conrad Mills July 8, 2024
Over the past four years, marketers have navigated unprecedented change in the B2B event sector as first the pandemic and then inflation impacted their plans. To help leaders better understand this dynamic landscape, Forrester’s Q1 2024 State Of B2B Events Survey gathered responses from over 200 event decision-makers to identify and analyze the key trends. […]

2024 Paris Olympic And Paralympic Games: A Big Opportunity For Brands

Thomas Husson July 3, 2024
Despite the post-election trauma in France, brands sponsoring the 2024 Paris Olympic Games should be able to leverage their investments. There is a huge contrast between the current political context today in France and the universal message that the Olympic Games will convey in about three weeks. Despite traditional French skepticism and pessimism, the momentum […]

Want To Create Journey Maps That Accomplish Your Goals? Get Clear On Purpose!

Joana de Quintanilha July 3, 2024
Untailored journey maps often fail to illuminate and persuade. Learn how to get more value from your customer journey mapping work.
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