I reluctantly went swimming with a friend this morning at Aquatic Park in San Francisco. "Reluctant" is the word I use because the water is about 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and it's hard to see anything when you're swimming. In fact, it's hard to even see your outstretched hand.

There were about 100 swimmers when we showed up this morning. We were only in the water about 15 minutes when everyone cleared out because a shark was sighted. They told us it wasn't a dangerous shark, but given the events on the West coast this year involving sharks, we thought, "why risk it?"

I jogged back to my car and got my cell phone.

I was able to post the footage of the shark that I captured almost immediately. Was using a Nokia phone and their Ovi service.

Each time I have an experience like this – I see something I'd like to capture on video and show my mom, but the only camera I have is my cell phone.

Here's the link.