Emily calls it going corporate. Jeremiah calls it a mash-up. Irregahdless, as I think they say in Southie, what it means is putting together the two best teams in social media-marketing-computing research. And you know, even to this old cynic, it’s already feeling like a team. (That whole Cambridge-Manhattan thing is muted by California and Europe and all the leftover New Englanders at Jupiter….)

Some early observations:

Boy, do they have a lot of process. (Refreshingly, it’s aligned with corporate and client objectives.)

They brainstorm just like we do: Way too many random whiteboard pattern-matching exercises!

In all seriousness, just for an example of what we should be able to do combined that we couldn’t do apart: Earlier this year, Corina Matiesanu and I tried to build a model based on analyzing historical survey trends to project what interactive behaviors are generational versus age- or lifestage-based. We took a good college try, but our data wasn’t deep enough to pull it off. I think Forrester’s is, and I am looking forward to take another shot.

This should be fun.


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