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Consumers Push Back On Price, Forcing Companies To Seek New Growth

Dipanjan Chatterjee March 16, 2023
As revenue growth begins to slow, companies will seek new ways of driving volume, including exploring previously untapped consumer segments.

There’s A Recession, But Not In My Backyard

Dipanjan Chatterjee February 9, 2023
Reconciling consumer perceptions with the macroeconomic data can be perplexing. Here, we provide some clarity.

Five Ways That B2C CMOs Can Navigate The 2023 Downturn

Mike Proulx January 26, 2023


Empowered Customers Seek Three Types Of Brand Experiences

Dipanjan Chatterjee January 23, 2023
In 2023, Empowered Customers Are Engaging Differently With Brands In 2016, we introduced Forrester’s Empowered Customer Segmentation, based on consumer behavior we’ve been monitoring and analyzing since the 1997 launch of Forrester Analytics’ Consumer Technographics® survey data. This segmentation framework groups consumers along several dimensions of empowerment, such as being open to new experiences, having […]

Predictions 2023: Consumers Will Spend More And Demand Better

Dipanjan Chatterjee October 25, 2022

Running Twice As Smart: A CMO Growth Primer For An Economic Downturn

Dipanjan Chatterjee August 25, 2022
It takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that! — “Alice in Wonderland” Run Twice As Smart We sit in the penumbra of a pandemic, on the cusp of a recession. In these […]

The Ukraine War Galvanizes Consumers Into Demanding Action

Dipanjan Chatterjee May 23, 2022
We are about three months into a conflict that has shaken the world. Many, such as the people of France and the UK, are on edge as the specter of war returns to haunt the European continent. For others, like those in the United States, virtual proximity has brought a war being fought far away […]

Employer Branding Is Marketing’s New Frontier

Dipanjan Chatterjee May 11, 2022
As attracting and retaining talent becomes ever more challenging, employer branding is moving to the top of the CEO’s agenda. CMOs have a vital role to play.

As The Abortion Debate Ramps Up, Companies Must Support The Diverse Needs Of Their Employees And Customers

Katy Tynan May 10, 2022
The Supreme Court’s leaked draft opinion on Roe v. Wade has intensified calls for brands to respond to the abortion debate. But your primary focus should be on your employees and your customers.

Values-Motivated Consumers Make Up 18% Of The US Buying Population

Dipanjan Chatterjee April 13, 2022
Today, like never before, a new social consciousness permeates commerce. Consumers are vocal about their social positions, and they pledge to stand firmly behind companies that do the right thing while threatening to chastise those that do not.

Women’s History Month Masked A Hidden Pandemic

Dipanjan Chatterjee April 6, 2022
Brands were quick to voice their support for Women's History Month and International Women's Day. Yet true support demands more than performative tweeting.

Brands Of The Year: Tesla, YETI, Target, And Fintechs

Dipanjan Chatterjee February 7, 2022
Brands Thrive In The Pandemic’s Aftershock In 2020, companies braced for upheaval, navigating a century-defining pandemic through a fog of uncertainty. What followed in 2021 was a series of aftershocks: a tumultuous year of vaccines and variants, hope, and despair that shredded any semblance of normalcy.  In an incredibly challenging year, these brands exemplified the […]

Employers Must Navigate Social-Values-Based Branding With Care

Dipanjan Chatterjee January 31, 2022
Your values-based branding playbook may have won over consumers, but to improve employer branding you're going to need new tactics. Meet your obstacle: Asymmetric Information.

Employer Branding: The New Marketing Frontier

Dipanjan Chatterjee January 6, 2022
Brand building in 2022 will be as much about employer branding as it is about traditional consumer marketing. Find out why.

CES 2022: It’s Back, It’s Live, And It’s Reshaping Brand Experience

Dipanjan Chatterjee December 8, 2021
Get a detailed look at what you can expect at the upcoming CES 2022 event in Las Vegas.

Predictions 2022: CMOs Emerge As Emboldened Business Leaders

Mike Proulx October 26, 2021


The CMO’s Da Vinci Code: Unlocking The True Power Of Marketing

Dipanjan Chatterjee August 17, 2021
IBM's research found that when CEOs were asked to identify the most crucial members of the C-Suite, CMOs came in well behind their CFO and COO peers. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Four Key Takeaways For Brands From CES 2021

Dipanjan Chatterjee January 19, 2021
Discover what this year's all-virtual event revealed about the future of brand experiences.

Brand Spotlight 2020: In A Difficult Year, The Best Brands Shine Bright

Dipanjan Chatterjee December 8, 2020
2020 was a year of crises. In this most difficult of years, six brands stood out. See our picks for the best brands of the year.

Ready Your Brand For Social Justice

Dipanjan Chatterjee August 24, 2020
Your brand is on the hook to respond to a social justice movement sweeping the world. This is how you get started responding.
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