Gene Leganza [Posted by Gene Leganza]

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Here’s some big news from the EA team:

We are holding our second annual Enterprise Architecture Forum in Miami, Florida on February 10-11 and our EMEA Enterprise Architecture Forum in London, UK on February 26-27. The forum’s focus is on Elevating Architecture. Why elevate architecture?

Businesses have become digital, and waves of SOA and BPM adoption require enterprise architecture to move closer to the business. Enterprise Architecture professionals must elevate their architecture practices out of the technology trenches, and identify the technologies that will elevate your business’ capabilities to the next level of productivity and innovation.

Forrester’s Enterprise Architecture Forum 2009 will examine the challenges facing your role and present pragmatic insights and strategies based on data-driven research, surveys, and vendor evaluations featured in Forrester Wave™ reports.

Here are some key takeaways for the event:

  • Learn how business architecture can evolve your EA program.
  • Examine how an enterprise integration strategy can lower your costs.
  • Hear about Web architecture for blazing fast Web site performance.
  • See how next-generation information architecture will include SOA and semantic technology.
  • Evaluate your strategy for OSGi app servers and lightweight or "lean" containers.
  • Learn why and how to build interoperability and federation into your SOA platform strategy.
  • Hear effective practices for global enterprise architecture.
  • Discuss whether open source software can really save your enterprise money.
  • Determine SharePoint’s role in your future — is it a problem or an opportunity?
  • Understand how to integrate SOA policy into your SOA strategy.
  • The entire EA team will be presenting and hobnobbing with our guests. We hope to see and hear from you at the event. To learn more click here (