We're doing a major research project on the state of product requirements in the technology industry.  To make this project as successful as possible, we need your participation in either or both aspects of it, the survey and the examples. (Whichever works for you.)

What's in it for you? When the final research document is done, we'll give you a copy. We also promise to keep any information you provide confidential.

The survey
We just launched the survey at the following link:


If you have approximately 20 minutes to spare, we're interested in hearing how you collect, write, review, and circulate requirements in your organization. Also, please feel free to forward this link to anyone you think would be interested in participating in this survey.

The examples
We've been building a library of examples of requirements documents. (And thanks to everyone who has sent us their samples already.) We don't need to see the actual words, just the structure of the document. In other words, we want to see your template, not the actual contents of a completed requirements document. Fake or redacted data is good, too, if you use a requirements application.

We're being deliberately vague about what a "requirements document" is, since we don't want to lead the witness. Your examples will tell us what you think the fundamental requirements documents are. What do the key stakeholders and consumers in your organization need?

If you're willing, please send your examples directly to me, tgrant@forrester.com.

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