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How To Overcome Revenue Operations Constraints And Boost The Growth Engine

Simon Daniels August 24, 2023
Learn how revenue operations leaders can achieve more with less in the face of executive constraints and still deliver for the growth engine.

When It Comes To Revenue Technology, The Grass Isn’t Always Greener …

Simon Daniels July 28, 2023
Before contemplating changing a revenue technology platform, make sure that the prospect of greener grass isn’t luring you into making a bad decision.

Three Objections To Moving From MQLs To Opportunities (And How To Solve Them!)

Simon Daniels April 26, 2023
Check out three common objections to the adoption of the opportunity-based Forrester B2B Revenue Waterfall™ and how to overcome them.

Marketing Operations Must Rationalize Revenue Technology To Achieve Customer Experience Goals

Simon Daniels March 17, 2023
Marketing operations must rationalize revenue technology by removing point solutions to both reduce costs and achieve customer experience goals.

Techniques For Revenue Technology Requirements Discovery

Simon Daniels February 23, 2023
Learn about approaches for conducting revenue technology discovery, depending on the situation, timescales, available resources, and solution type.

Data Quality Is For Life, Not Just For The Holidays

Simon Daniels December 23, 2022
Marketing data quality maintenance is an ongoing activity, not something that can be carried out every so often and then forgotten.

Marketing Operations: Hot Topics From B2B Summit EMEA

Simon Daniels November 17, 2022
One of the most popular attractions at Forrester’s B2B Summit EMEA is the Analyst 1-on-1s. This year's hot marketing operations topics included martech, measurement, data and more.

B2B Marketing Leader 2023 Planning Panel Discussion Q&A

Simon Daniels November 4, 2022
Having run out of time to answer all the questions received on the recent Forrester LinkedIn Live B2B Marketing Leaders 2023 Planning Panel Discussion, here's a quick recap of the session and some follow-up Q&A.

Customer Data Platforms: Buy Or Build?

Simon Daniels September 14, 2022
Should Marketing Operations leaders buy a Customer Data Platform (CDP) or build one from scratch? While the idea of building something to exactly meet your needs is compelling, ultimately a packaged solution is likely to be the better approach.