Next week I will make my annual trek to Davos for the World Economic Forum. I will be tweeting during the week and I will post my findings from the event on this blog — most likely the week after.

I always go to Davos with a simple survey question that I ask everyone I meet with. Last year the question was: “When will the recession end?” The answers ranged widely, but averaged to April, 2010 (in retrospect, too gloomy).

For this year I’m considering: “What is your number one priority for the next two years?” But that feels way too vanilla.

So if you could ask a worldwide group of CEOs, political leaders, artists, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, academics, and media leaders one question, what would it be? I’d love to get your ideas.

I’d also appreciate your thoughts on social’s impact. One of the sessions that I will be speaking at is titled: “The Growing Influence of Social Networks: How is the growth of social networks changing society?” Other participants include Reid Hoffman, CEO of LinkedIn, Evan Williams, CEO of Twitter, and Brian Dunn, CEO of Best Buy.

What are your thoughts? If you had to name the primary impact of social, what would it be?

Thanks in advance for your ideas — if I use any of them, I will be sure to give you attribution.