We’re thrilled that Springboard Research — a firm that's expert in technology adoption in emerging markets — joined the Forrester fold today, becoming part of our Vendor Strategy organization, which predicts and quantifies tech industry growth and disruption. We hear it every day: Emerging markets are the fastest-growing opportunities in the tech industry, yet the least understood. Springboard was born in Asia and has been providing quality data, research, and insights for clients for the past five years, expanding their presence in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. It brings analyst feet-on-the-street in Singapore, India, China, Japan, and the UAE. Check out our new collaborative research report on the evolving heterogeneity of the Asian market and the huge opportunity that gives to vendors selling there. Also, check out past Springboard research on our site.

The Springboard-Forrester combination ignites our research efforts in Asia Pacific. Together, we will enhance strategists’ understanding of the Asia Pacific (and other emerging markets) opportunity at the intersection of the software, services, and connectivity arenas. Emerging markets often leapfrog developed markets in adoption of technology, and we see that clearly in Asia Pacific, with mobility, public cloud adoption in infrastructure (IaaS), and software (SaaS). Further, because so much of the Asia Pacific customer base depends on robust channel partners, the Springboard-Forrester marriage brings additional deep channel data, experience, and analysts.

Lucky us! The Forrester team will grow with the addition of 16 analysts with world-class reputations, including: Dane Anderson (CEO and co-founder of Springboard), Michael Barnes (VP and Principal Analyst), Fred Giron (VP, PA), John Brand (VP, PA), Bryan Wang, Masami Kashawagi, Manish Bahl, and many more. Forrester clients will see a lot more Asia Pacific data in our data offerings and core research.

Drop a line and let us know your thoughts — especially what new research you would like to see from us.