The healthcare industry is undergoing transformation.  What’s driving this?  A wide range of factors, from new regulations and government programs, to new treatments and approaches,  to perpetually rising costs.  To thrive in this environment, , Forrester believes healthcare providers and payers must embrace four critical imperatives that will provide the most transformational impact:

  • The Age of the Customer.  Health insurance has historically focused on plans and subscribers, and healthcare providers on patients in treatment.  But both of these industries – like many others, are now seeing the need to be Customer-centric, and to engage their customers in a holistic and personalized way.
  • Mobile engagement.  These customers use mobile as an extension of their daily life.  Smart healthcare providers and payers are using this to provide services to keep their customers healthy, not just treat them when they come to a clinic.
  • Insights through Big Data and analytics.  To engage these customers, healthcare firms needs more insights into who they are, how they live, and how best to serve them.  Enter the opportunities provided by the confluence of Big Data, Social, Open Data, predictive analytics and smart business processes.
  • Digital disruption.  Healthcare is big business, dominated by big firms.  But at the other end of the spectrum are nimble innovators with mobile apps, health monitoring devices and social tools.  Are they competitors or potential partners?  How should these big firms bring digital disruption techniques into their business?

Underlying these forces is technology – adopted strategically and agilely.  Because of demand from our healthcare customers, we are looking for an analyst to write and advise them on these forces and what they mean to healthcare. 

As a Forrester analyst, you’ll

  • Research the forces and trends shaping the healthcare industry from a Business Technology perspective.
  • Collaborate with other Forrester analysts to develop insights based on the combination of your and their research.
  • Publish eight-to-twelve reports per year, and be a contributor to other analyst reports. 
  • Build your presence by engaging with social media
  • Directly advise clients via phone conversations and on-site client engagements.
  • Become the Forrester expert and spokesman for our views on the future of healthcare in light of these forces of change.

Could you be the Forrester analyst to cover the transformation of healthcare?  If you think you can, then apply here.