Last week I had the Forrester Board of Clients in town. As part of our great dinner discussion, I asked each client to name their favorite book of the moment. Here’s their recommended list:

Who Owns the Future  Jaron Lanier’s diatribe against Google, Facebook and other “siren servers.”
Path to Power  Maggie Thatcher’s rise to Prime Minister.
Drive  Daniel Pink’s tome is an often-noted favorite of Forrester clients. I think it’s time for me to read this one…
Ready Player One  A lot of techies’ favorite sci-fi.
Rules for Radicals  Ideas on innovation from Saul Alinsky’s Vietnam War era call to arms.
Made to Stick  Why some ideas become memes and others quickly fade
Capital in the 21st Century  Thomas Piketty explains why capital beats labor.
No Place to Hide  Glenn Greenwald’s story of Edward Snowden.
Power of Habit  Where they come from, and how to break them.
Contagious  Jonah Berger builds on “The Tipping Point” to explain idea traction.
Emotional Intelligence  The power of EQ versus IQ.
Winning Teams, Winning Cultures  The Senn Delaney classic on corporate culture.
Flat-Lined  Recommended by one of our healthcare clients. How to fix American medicine.
Bully Pulpit  Doris Kearns Goodwin’s latest on Teddy Roosevelt.
The George R.R. Martin Collection  If you like Game of Thrones…
Anti-Fragile  Why some businesses thrive on chaos and change.
The Design of Business  Your company can’t win without amazing design.
Telegraph Avenue  This is a favorite novel of many clients — by Michael Chabon.
Start-Up Nation  Israel and its tech startups.
I hope you find some good beach reading above…