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OMB’s Zero Trust Strategy: Government Gets Good

David Holmes February 1, 2022
What a time to be alive! Hot on the heels of Forrester’s release of our definition of modern Zero Trust (ZT), the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a memo entitled Moving the US Government Toward Zero Trust Cybersecurity Principles. Coincidence? Yes. A big deal? Also, yes. If executed as mandated, not only […]

How To Go From Dinosaur To Eagle – Or Risk Being The CISO That Got Hit By The Comet

Peter Cerrato July 9, 2015
Peter Cerrato is a principal consultant for Forrester's Business Technology consulting practice.   A very strange and sudden thing happened 66 million years ago. A comet crashing into the Mexican Yucatan peninsula near Chicxulub put an end to the long reign of the dinosaurs. But not so fast. We now know that some of those […]