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The Content Localization Gap

Varun Sedov November 8, 2018
Bridging The Gulf Between Tech Buyer Expectations And Vendor Content B2B buyers increasingly expect contextual content tailored to their unique circumstances, which means an ongoing challenge for B2B technology marketers is crafting engaging content that appeals to customers across different touchpoints. However, most technology vendor content falls short of these expectations. In our recent study, 60% […]

Content Marketing Under GDPR: Upheaval Paves The Way To Quality Over Quantity

Varun Sedov March 1, 2018
With the looming May 25th deadline, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be front of mind for all forms of marketers, from digital leads to field marketers. Content marketers will also be affected by the requirements of this new law, which seeks to protect the personal data of European consumers. This new era of […]