Every year, Forrester convenes a group of clients who critique our strategy, give us feedback on our services, and review new products that we are developing. Over the last 25 years, the Board of Clients has been extraordinarily influential, guiding us into a better future and helping us avoid unforced errors. I’ve always called the Board meeting my favorite day of the year — spent with smart executives from some of the most dynamic global companies.

During the dessert phase of the pre-dinner, it’s a tradition to share books we are currently reading. Here’s the list from this year’s meeting — I hope you find something interesting:

  1. Jerusalemhttps://a.co/d/6UTdaSp
  2. Demon Copperheadhttps://a.co/d/eGwboPV
  3. Going Infinitehttps://a.co/d/33KBWFy
  4. Bad Bloodhttps://a.co/d/7clWmNv
  5. Good Powerhttps://a.co/d/5x7EIvn
  6. The Culture Codehttps://a.co/d/c3adflz
  7. The Coming Wavehttps://a.co/d/837Q9tw
  8. Holes — https://a.co/d/d3fnavY
  9. The Storied Life of A.J. Fikryhttps://a.co/d/dYjnbAR
  10. Outlivehttps://a.co/d/4UJXjeU
  11. The Singularity Is Nearhttps://a.co/d/aLqQiGc
  12. Killers of the Flower Moonhttps://a.co/d/ee0rzN3
  13. The Future and Its Enemieshttps://a.co/d/gsJPXLm
  14. Lessons in Chemistryhttps://a.co/d/b8VbvWL
  15. Unbroken — https://a.co/d/alQ1CY4
  16. The World for Salehttps://a.co/d/jaic8r9
  17. Hello Beautifulhttps://a.co/d/iyEMNaH
  18. How to Tell a Storyhttps://a.co/d/fEBIUUk
  19. The Culture Map — https://a.co/d/hPHZujQ
  20. The Asian Mind Game — https://a.co/d/3NdHigL
  21. Positive Intelligencehttps://shorturl.at/bMY37