I just got back from Forrester’s very successful CX SF 2019 Forum, and I’m already looking forward to a terrific event that’s happening right here in Boston this coming week. It’s the Mad*Pow Financial Experience Design Conference on October 24 and 25. You can find out more about it at www.fxdconf.com and even save $200 by using the code “Forrester” when you register.

In case you’re wondering what a conference named “FXD” is about, it’s basically an event about the intersection of finance and design. That’s red meat for customer experience professionals, who know the power of design as well as the fact that the most highly rated customer experiences in Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) are found at companies in financial services industries.

It’s unusual for me to write about non-Forrester events, but I’m quite fond of this one. This will be my third year attending the event, which connects design thinkers and innovators with business leaders from retail banking, wealth management, insurance, and fintech. The conference explores a topic that could hardly be more important: how companies can design experiences that drive loyalty, financial well-being, and behavior change.

This year, the event features speakers who are design leaders from companies including Capital One, Fidelity, and SunTrust (among others). One reason I love the event is that I often use it to scout great speakers for our own events, a practice that Mad*Pow has been very gracious in supporting.

If you see me there, please feel free to stop by and say “hi.” I love talking CX, and I especially love hearing what you all like in an event.