We’ve launched a new research stream seeking to create a “buy vs. build” decision framework for the digital era. Analysts at Forrester are observing very different behavior among clients who need new business solutions. In short:

  1. More clients are choosing the “build” option than in past years.
  2. New ways of combining buying and building are being introduced.

Our hypothesisWhen clients think about how tmeet a business need with software, almost all frame their choices as “buy vs. build.” We think the better question is, “What is the best method for delivering a particular software solution within a certain time frame and budget?” Instead of a simple binary choice, there are as many as eight distinct approachesClients need a good framework to navigate these several methods of delivering software solutions. A framework based on updated assumptions about the relative benefits of primarily buying and primarily building include these two crucial ones

  • Low-code platforms have reduced the costs and risks of custom-developing applications. 
  • Software-as-a-service has reduced the costs and raised the sustainability of customizing packaged solutions.

Forrester Senior Analysts Joe Cicman, John Bratincevic, and VP, Principal Analyst John R. Rymer are conducting this research. 

Does our hypothesis resonate? What assumptions and factors inform your app-delivery decisions? How have they changed in recent times? If you want to participate in our research, please contact Abigail Livingston (alivingston@forrester.com) to get on our interview schedule. In advance, thank you and please stay safe.