Apparently, Amazon rocks, too.

    First-time fiction authors are lucky if their publisher orders an initial print run of 15,000 copies. But in a sign of Inc.’s growing clout with readers, a debut novel championed by the e-commerce site has gone into its seventh printing — a total of 90,000 copies — a week after its publication…
    Driving that unexpectedly heavy demand has been strong reviews and promotional support from The Web retailer chose the book as one of the best books of June and aggressively hyped it, including by posting a long and enthusiastic blurb from best-selling author Stephen King. The same blurb was printed inside “early reader” copies sent to reviewers, bloggers and booksellers.

Oh, here’s the book. (I should link you to the Kindle version, but I know most of you aren’t there yet. More on my Kindle love later.)