I was watching the Stanley Cup Finals last night. There was a really good mix of ads from Verizon. (I have Tivo, but I slowed down to watch these ads). They were promoting NHL video content during an NHL game. They were promoting goals scored, highlights, etc. The ads featured the phones. Verizon also did their traditional network quality ads, but they mixed in a few promoting the video service. It seemed to be really smart marketing in that they a) were focused on an audience interested in the content and b) that they presented a use case for watching video on the cell phone – watching the goals and highlights or seeing updates during the game. The small screen in this case would complement the larger screen rather than substitute. This kind of marketing should help drive consumer interest.

Saw another story today (see Fierce) on MediaFLO/Verizon/AT&T and the upcoming U.S. Open. "Live" coverage – great idea.

Again, they are showing consumers a use case. Most of us work Thursdays and Fridays. This gives us a way to stay tuned in or watch while at work or away from our TV's. The Internet could provide some of this, but it's a use case and provides some context for "why I would want mobile video services on my cell phone" – something that hasn't been part of enough of their messaging to date.