If you’re involved in delivering and executing great digital customer experiences, you’ll want to access Forrester’s new TechRadar report that digs into the diverse, rapidly evolving technology ecosystem that supports this strategic business imperative.

We define 14 technologies (and cite representative vendors) including web content management, eCommerce, email marketing, web analytics and testing — all capabilities we believe are necessary to support “on-site” customer experiences, or the digital channels that businesses and brands control.

This is an important market not just because vendors that serve it are making lots of noise. It’s relevant because enterprises have discovered that great digital customer experiences matter to their customers and to their enterprise success, competitiveness and viability. It’s about technology plus a whole lot more. From the report:

Delivering great multichannel digital experiences isn't as easy as plugging in new software and calling it a day. Digital customer experience success comes from combining many elements: a big-picture vision, short- and long-term strategic planning, shifts in roles and responsibilities, and intelligent technology adoption and delivery.

The shift to digital at organizations is not happening — it cannot happen — at an incremental pace. Too much is riding on it. This is a transformative change, and to date too many organizations that have paid only lip service to supporting the customer across all digital channels have felt the sting of competition beating them to the punch. We don’t call it “digital disruption” for nothing.

The technical architects, application development professionals, CIOs, and others who up to now have “owned” technology inside their companies are getting pushed hard and fast by business peers to onboard technologies like those cited in our report.

We don’t expect to see every organization suddenly using technology from across all 14 segments defined in the report tomorrow (although it’s very likely that you’ve already use several of them). But if you’re helping to lead the charge into digital customer experience, or if you’re pushing your organization to get there, this report will help everyone understand what you’ll require to make the shift.

Tell us in the comments: What technology and capabilities is your organization investing in, or prioritizing next, as you create more effective digital customer experiences?