How To Build A Better Growth Engine

In an age of shifting market dynamics and empowered customers, short-term growth strategies that focus on simply extracting value from customers will fail. Here’s how to build a modern growth engine that will increase revenue, profit, and customer retention efficiently and consistently.

Step One: Ignite It With Customer Obsession

Customer-obsessed organizations report:

1. Commit to an intentionally constrained set of target customers.

2. Meet their economic, functional, experiential, and symbolic needs.

3. Create features that help customers get more than they give up in pursuit of their goals.

Step Two: Fuel It With Steadfast Alignment

Companies with high levels of alignment report:

1. Understand your customers and what they value most.

2. Adopt a journey-centric approach to establish customer and business value metrics.

3. Align internal functions around customer value for maximum impact.

4. Add technology teams to quickly address new customers and market realities.

Forrester Can Help

Forrester arms your organization with powerful insights and helps you apply proven best practices that build a common vocabulary rooted in customer value. Our approach enables teams to work in lockstep — creating strategies and finding efficiencies across the organization. It empowers leaders to perform at a higher level, supporting bold decisions that lead to sustained growth.

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