Create A Flexible B2C Marketing Budget For 2024

Download our Planning Guide to learn why market limbo requires marketers to remain limber and adaptive to real-world generative AI impact.

B2C marketing planning isn’t a sure thing in 2024. That’s because continued market turbulence, changes in buyer behavior, loss of cookies, and emerging tech disruption such as AI have put marketing priorities into a tailspin.

Core to a successful marketing budget for 2024 is flexibility. Our research reveals an urgent need to focus B2C marketing investments on actions that drive agility and revenue.

Planning Guide 2024: B2C Marketing Executives

Download our 2024 planning guide for B2C marketing leaders to see where your peers are allocating their budgets so that you can align your spend with these industry benchmarks.

Our research reveals that 86% of US B2C marketing decision-makers plan to increase their overall marketing investment in the next 12 months. Read the report to see what they’re funding to drive growth.


Read the report to learn:

  • The five priorities that offer B2C marketers the opportunity to pull ahead.
  • The four investments that can prepare you to accelerate future returns.
  • The risky B2C priorities that need more scrutiny — and possibly a reduction of funds.


What’s inside?

  • B2C marketing 2024 budget benchmarks to help guide your annual planning
  • Insight on where to experiment with emerging tech like AI to gather new customer insights
  • Data-driven guidance on where to increase, decrease, or defend your 2024 budget


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