Portfolio Marketing Planning Insights For 2024

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Budgets for B2B marketers are rising for 2024, yet so is the pressure on marketers to drive business growth and revenue. Portfolio marketers play a critical role in this endeavor.

Portfolio marketers must help guide and prioritize increased spend on the right markets, buyers, and growth opportunities. Their deep knowledge of the buyer’s journey can help marketing organizations create buyer- and customer-centric approaches that provide genuine value.

Planning Guide 2024: Portfolio Marketing

Download our 2024 planning guide for portfolio marketers to see where marketing budgets are being set to enable growth, guide digital priorities, and strengthen market position with competitive intelligence — and buyer insights.


Read the report to learn:

  • The three investments that can help portfolio marketers make confident, accurate calls.
  • The outdated thinking that portfolio marketers need to abandon today.
  • Where 2024 investments in partner ecosystems, marketing content, demand, and operations are headed.


What’s inside?

  • Guidance on where emerging tech investments can help portfolio marketers expand their relevance and influence
  • 2024 budget benchmark data on initiatives being funded to help portfolio marketers understand buyer preferences and behaviors
  • Insight into how portfolio marketers can use budget experimentation to target new buyer behavior and innovate with AI-generated insight


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