Business-to-business (B2B) companies are embracing customer success management to improve customer experience (CX). But how can they prove the efficacy of their efforts? Enter customer health assessments. These evaluations help CX and customer success leaders determine if the experience is helping clients achieve their business goals. In this episode, we answer the questions: “What value does a B2B customer health assessment provide and how can a company get started with creating one?”

Episode guide:

00:19 What is a B2B customer health assessment? And, what problem is it helping companies solve?
03:45 Do customer success teams really need one?
04:37 If a loyal customer is a “healthy” customer, why don’t loyalty measures suffice?
06:11 What does a health assessment  look like?
08:22 Who comprises the internal audience for these? How are organizations using them?
09:32 Where do you start? How can an organization begin creating a customer health assessment?

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