Martin Gill, VP and Research Director and Michelle Beeson, Senior Analyst

Show Notes:

In this episode, CX Cast host and Forrester VP and Research Director Martin Gill joins Senior Analyst Michelle Beeson to describe an activity they used to bring the frameworks of value for customer to life. They had participants, who represented different companies and industries, try out a combination of mystery shopping and ethnographic research by visiting coffee shops in London. Martin and Michelle describe the frameworks, design, and approach they used for the activity, discussing:

  • How to bring CX frameworks to life and pressure test them in the real world.
  • How perception differed before and after the experience.
  • How to optimize the activity based on participants and timing.
  • What participants liked about the activity and how to evolve it.

Listen to the full episode to hear more about how Forrester analysts helped clients carry out CX field research.