Guidelines Regarding Requests To Record

Forrester clients and non-clients periodically ask to record or transcribe sessions with Forrester employees. These guidelines indicate Forrester’s position regarding such requests.

Engagement Type Recording/Transcription Allowed?
Research Interviews Yes
Guidance Sessions Yes
VIP Strategy Sessions Yes
Licensed Replays (e.g., webinars and speeches) Yes, with appropriate license
Industry and Media Events Yes, with permissions*
Consulting Engagements Yes, with permissions and exceptions**
Non-Client Analyst Interactions No
Inquiry Sessions No
Briefings with Forrester analysts (Wave or non-Wave) No

*Please submit permission requests to Forrester’s PR team at

** Permission to record a consulting engagement must be approved at least 2 weeks in advance of the engagement, and recording may affect the content. For audiences of greater than 20 people, replay rights are required. For more details, please talk to your consulting engagement lead.

In addition to these guidelines, it is important to note that:

  • With the exception of licensed replays, recordings must be made on Forrester’s platform. Upon request, Forrester will distribute the link after the call. Recordings will be deleted after 60 days.
  • Forrester may allow exceptions to this policy for issues like accessibility. Please talk to your engagement lead if you seek an exception.
  • Participation in any recorded call implies your consent to be recorded.
  • Forrester employees can choose to not be recorded or stop a recording at any time.
  • Except for licensed replays or as otherwise agreed by Forrester in a client agreement all recordings are for internal use only. Any external use is subject to Forrester’s prior written approval. Any client recordings are subject to the terms and conditions in the Master Agreement between Forrester and the applicable client.