Web sites devoted to dated concepts of branding do not serve consumers’ needs. Instead, Internet leaders need to focus on creating and executing a great user experience. At the debut Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) Design Summit: “Profiting From User Experience,” more than 200 corporate leaders, marketing executives, and design professionals will learn why most Web sites fail; how to align marketing, engineering, and design tools to create a great user experience; and which technologies and metrics will affect next-generation site design. The Summit, being held at The Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey, ends May 31.

“Executives shouldn’t stand for designs that put roadblocks between users and their goals. People will struggle with a hard-to-use site to get valuable content — but only until some other site makes it easy to get similar value. When users can’t get to the content because the site isn’t designed properly, it’s like a broken assembly line that halts production,” said Harley Manning, research director at Forrester.

“At Expedia our great technology is a significant competitive advantage,” said Richard Barton, president, CEO, and director. “But it’s only by translating that unique technology into an easy and relevant customer experience that we’re able to drive travel sales and profits.”

The Forrester Design Summit will offer a complete road map of the challenges ahead and strategies to overcome them, using case studies by industry leaders and Forrester analysts. Industry speakers include Larry Page, co-founder and CEO, Google; Jeanne B. Lewis, president, StaplesDirect.com; Richard N. Barton, president, CEO, and director, Expedia; Jerry A. Greenberg, co-chairman and co-CEO, Sapient; and Jared M. Spool, founding principal, User Interface Engineering. Alongside Harley Manning, additional Forrester speakers include Paul Sonderegger and Christopher M. Kelley.

To register for press attendance on May 31, please contact Jean Kong at +1 617/794-7203. For more information about this event, please visit www.forrester.com/Events