While 98% of customer experience (CX) professionals at large Australian companies believe that CX is a strategic priority, nearly 70% of them say that their firm’s CX strategy is not aligned with the overall company strategy. This is according to a recent Forrester survey of 55 respondents at 44 companies. “This gap between CX and corporate strategies is a significant issue that organizations must address if they are truly serious about making CX a priority,” writes Forrester Senior Analyst Thomas McCann.

Over the past 12 months, Australian firms have renewed their commitment to CX as a strategic lever, shifting from tactical fixes to strategic reinvention and placing C-level executives in charge of execution. This trend, along with expectations of increased headcount and budget in the coming year, indicates growing awareness of the importance of delivering quality CX.

However, the data also revealed that, while all companies in the survey employ some CX best practices, they are by and large still doing so on an ad hoc basis. Moreover, almost one-third of respondents said that they have not seen the value they expected from their CX initiatives. So while Australian companies are committed to improving their CX efforts, the lack of maturity is putting all that commitment at risk.

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