In the age of the customer — a 20-year business cycle in which the most successful enterprises will reinvent themselves to systematically understand and serve increasingly powerful customers — improving customer experience is a top priority for businesses in China. However, according to the Customer Experience Index, China 2015 from Forrester Research, none of the companies surveyed rated excellent, and 80 percent are delivering merely mediocre customer experience.

Based on a survey of 9,000 Chinese consumers, the Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) measured and ranked 60 brands in China, across five industries, on the quality of their customer experience and impact on customer loyalty. Of the five industries, the financial services sector emerged as the leader, while traditional retail and eCommerce brought up the rear in the brand rankings.

“With only 15% of the brands evaluated in the 2015 China CX Index rated as good, brands in China have multiple opportunities to improve the quality of their customer experience to build and sustain long-term customer loyalty,” said Ryan Hart, Forrester Research principal analyst serving customer experience professionals. “Meeting the basic needs of customers is the first step before embarking on loyalty programs, which could lead to winning customer emotions by making them feel more valued. Customer experience leaders made customers feel valued almost twice as often as CX laggards did.”

About The Forrester CX Index

Forrester’s CX Index is the market’s leading customer experience measurement and decision tool. The CX Index gives companies the ability to measure the quality of their customers’ experience and connect those measurements to actions and results. The CX Index allows business leaders to:

  • Measure the quality of experience and current loyalty levels.
  • Identify the unique drivers that shape your customers’ experiences.
  • Model different actions to predict their impact on CX.
  • Deploy a decision framework to produce the greatest return.

In 2015, the CX Index evaluated more than 900 brands in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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