In the aftermath of Facebook’s “virtual” employee walkout earlier this week, Forrester Senior Analyst Anjali Lai has offered the following consumer-driven insights:

  • Employees showing their defiance against Facebook is unusual for the company, which up until now has managed to sustain a positive employee experience and loyalty among employees. But it’s not unusual for the tech industry. This shows that no matter how strong the internal culture, no brand is impervious to the values-based employee.
  • This is an especially critical time for Facebook to make sure employees are heard – Forrester’s data shows that not only are employees already anxious after months of stay-at-home orders, consumers are also becoming more sensitive to how employers are treating their people.
  • In consumers’ eyes, Facebook’s brand has been losing goodwill measurably over the past year; Facebook’s response in this moment will either stoke or zap consumer energy – the emotional force that drives consumers to engage with the brand.

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