The Coronavirus crisis has blown big holes in the software strategies of most enterprises. They suddenly and urgently need new applications to track people, tests, and assets; administer new programs; coordinate the work of employees stuck at home; and fix broken business processes.

As a result, per Forrester, application development and delivery (AD&D) is responding to three big changes: work and life activities moving online, teams and processes becoming more distributed than ever before, and urgent demands growing for new software applications.

A new report from Forrester also speaks to the following:

  • How some AD&D leaders are turning to new technologies and practices to deliver software quickly while working in a much more distributed setting than before (i.e. low-code and DPA platforms, public cloud).
  • How the current crisis also spotlights severe constraints of legacy systems – and legacy thinking — for Coronavirus responses specifically and AD&D strategies more generally.
  • Steps for enterprises to help create the new normal rather than play a new game of catch-up, including choosing speed over perfection, looking beyond established technology bases for speedier options, enlisting business people in software delivery, and taking advantage of COVID-19 applications and platforms.

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