Disruption is a common word in business, and people think they understand what it means. But digital disruption — a force that’s hitting every industry in every region of the world — is more powerful; it opens the floodgates to more ideas, and it allows new entrants and competitors to target previously unavailable consumers. This disruption — and the impact on your business — is at the heart of Forrester’s new book, Digital Disruption (Amazon Publishing), which was published today.

Disruption in the past took years to develop, required millions of dollars to make happen, and then decades to take its full effect on the market. Consider this: The iPod took two years to sell its millionth device, but just a few years later the iPad sold 15 million devices in eight months. Something has changed. According to the book’s author, James L. McQuivey, Ph.D., that factor is digital disruption.

“I have studied disruptive innovation for more than two decades. [In Digital Disruption], McQuivey offers insights about disruption — and about the accelerating pace of disruption — that I truly hadn’t understood before. This is a very important book about what tomorrow holds in store; it shows us both what will happen and how to address it. I recommend it enthusiastically,” writes Clayton Christensen, professor at Harvard Business School and author of The Innovator’s Dilemma.

If you are not ready for digital disruption, you are not ready for business in 2013 and beyond. In Digital Disruption, McQuivey demonstrates how companies can harness the power of disruptive innovation to generate the next big ideas for their business.

Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, New Jersey, and cofounder of waywire, writes of the book: “There is a powerful change happening in the way we consume and process information. It’s a democratizing force that is drowning out the oligarchy of media who have told us what’s important and what to think. It is incumbent upon all of us to master this new method — and to take the power into our own hands. James’ book is an important step in that direction.”

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