Several of Forrester’s Security & Risk analysts participated at this year’s RSA 2021 conference. Key highlights include:

  • In addition to discussing how to apply the lessons of 2020 to security management with BizTech Magazine, Laura Koetzle also speaks with SC Magazine, Dark Reading and TechTarget about her keynote discussion with SolarWinds CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna and the company’s historic breach, with additional mentions in Infosecurity Magazine and PC Magazine in the UK.
  • Noted security outlet SC Magazine (Security Weekly)also interviewed several Forrester analysts on security and risk topics including:
      • Allie Mellen: Regional responses to the COVID-19 pandemic from security teams in 17 different countries in Africa, North America, Asia, and the Middle East in interviews with. Her insights are also included in a recent article by GovInfoSecurity.
      • Sandy Carielli: What companies can do to prevent API breaches and how to handle the fallout when they do.
      • Jinan Budge: How people and culture are central to security.
      • Steve Turner: The history of Zero Trust and how organizations can plan their ZT journeys.
      • Paul McKay: Security rating platforms and which have the most potential.
      • Alla Valente: Supply chain risks, especially in the wake of the recent SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline attacks.
      • Jess Burn: The final acts of solutions once considered vital detection and response point products.