Forrester’s security analysts weighed in on the effects of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, as well as how Zero Trust can combat these types of attacks. Commentary from Forrester was include in media outlets, such as:

  • The Washington PostAllie Mellen tells the outlet that the best strategy against ransomware is to stay ahead of the competition when updating security measures: “Outrun the guy next to you.” This article has also been syndicated by The Boston Globe. Mellen’s blog about this topic has been published by top UK security publication Infosecurity Magazine.
  • Axios (OneTwo): In a separate interview, Allie Mellen describes tactics companies should follow if hit by ransomware attacks, as well as how these types of attacks force critical infrastructure provides to choose between suspending critical business processes indefinitely or paying ransom. Her thoughts have also been syndicated by Yahoo! News.
  • Fortune: This article includes Steve Turner’s comments on the significance of Zero Trust architecture, as the Biden administration signs an executive framework into order to modernize and strengthen the nation’s cyber defenses in the wake of Colonial Pipeline.
  • NPR: In a nationally syndicated interview with “All Things Considered”, Allie Mellen breaks down how sophisticated an attack this is and if these types of attacks affect all types of companies.
  • USA Today: In an interview, Brian Kime describes how Zero Trust can minimize the risk of cyberattacks. This article has also been syndicated to MSN. Kime’s and Turner’s insights about Zero Trust are also showcased in a new VentureBeat article.