Today, at the Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) Healthcare Summit, “Drug Marketing Gets Personal,” over 100 executives with pharmaceutical manufacturers, product design and eCommerce leaders, and marketing technology experts will discover how to harness consumer data in order to bolster product preference. The one-day Summit is being held at the Hotel Inter-Continental Miami.

“Possessing a stronger understanding of consumers’ needs and preferences creates a clear path to having greater influence. But, with privacy flare-ups regarding personal healthcare information making the news regularly, drug firms have their work cut out for them,” said Bradford J. Holmes, research director. “At today’s Summit, we will impart data practices that appropriately balance personalization with privacy to make drug marketing more effective.

“We also look forward to hearing from our industry-leading guest speakers, who will share their experiences using technology to influence consumer drug choices and ultimately increasing their bottom lines.”

Industry speakers include:

  • Eric S. Elliott, President, Tel-Drug, Inc. and CIGNA Pharmacy Management Organization, CIGNA HealthCare
  • Jeffrey M. Kern, Director of Gastroenterology, TAP Pharmaceuticals
  • Roger C. Holstein, CEO, WebMD Health, Member of the Office of the President, WebMD Corp.
  • Anne Devereux, President, DVC ActiveCare, DVC Worldwide
  • John N. Hallick, President and CEO, CPM Marketing Group

Forrester speakers include:

  • Michael E. Gazala, Vice President, North American Research
  • Bradford J. Holmes, Research Director
  • Michael J. Barrett, Senior Analyst
  • Elizabeth W. Boehm, Analyst

Forrester Senior Analyst Jim Nail and Analyst Randy Souza will join Holmes, Barrett, and Boehm for a panel discussion, “Measuring Your Influence.”