Thanks to the Obama administration’s final push to improve government customer experience (CX), customers are using digital channels more than ever, but they’re still skeptical of the future of digital government. In this report, Forrester shares data about federal customers’ attitudes toward various channels — for example, per the graphic below, website usage jumped from 30% to 44% from 2015 to 2016, and postal mail communications decreased from 32% to 26%.

The data digs into why federal websites are getting worse, including how customers find them useless, difficult, confusing, amateurish, and dangerous. It also covers that most government apps don’t see much use or garner little growth — for example, while there are more than 320 mobile apps in the official federal mobile directory, only 5% of customers interact with government through them.

There are three tactics to help keep federal digital CX on the right track, according to the research, including the need to perform user reviews on government websites immediately, design mobile experiences more strategically, and raise awareness of the benefits of new digital services to the public.

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