<p>While wearables may still be in nascent stages, the enterprise movement will unfold over the next decade&nbsp;&mdash; and by 2020, we can expect to see a shift toward business centrality, according to a new report examining the evolution of the enterprise wearables market. What&rsquo;s more is that the market for company-provided wearables will be larger than the consumer market within the next five years, as wearables represent the next phase of the <a href=”http://solutions.forrester.com/mobile”>mobile revolution</a>.</p>
<p>According to J.P. Gownder, “Perpetually connected wearables will enable workers, partners, and customers to experience new levels of immediacy, simplicity, and context in their mobile computing experiences. Wearables aren’t just a consumer phenomenon: They have the potential to change the way organizations and workers conduct business.”</p>
<p>Read the full report <a href=”http://www.forrester.com/The+Enterprise+Wearables+Journey/quickscan/-/E-RES103381”>here</a> for more on how wearables can augment enterprise environments and the timeline for these devices to become mainstream.</p>