In a poll of more than 500 corporate leaders, Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) found that 71% plan to extend their business processes to eMarketplaces — online venues that enable multiple buyers and sellers to conduct commerce — by 2001. The executives were surveyed February 29, 2000, at the Forrester Business-To-Business Technology Leadership Forum in Scottsdale, Ariz.

“The integration of business processes through eMarketplaces will position them at the center of business-to-business trade via the Internet,” said John McCarthy, group director of research at Forrester. “By 2004, Forrester expects that more than half of the $2.7 trillion worth of business-to-business trade conducted online will go through eMarketplaces.”

Forum attendees acknowledged the growing importance of eCommerce to their companies’ future revenues. Twenty-five percent of audience members indicated that their companies will sell up to $10 million in goods and services online in 2000. A quarter of the attendees also indicated that their companies will purchase more than $1 million in goods and services over the Internet in 2000.

The Business-To-Business Technology Leadership Forum is the premier conference for Internet change agents and the first of seven Forrester Forums taking place in 2000. Forrester Forums provide opportunities for senior executives to develop successful business strategies, discover the latest technology tools and vendors, and informally share ideas.