Forrester Research, Inc., today announced WholeView Research, a new approach to conducting, offering, and delivering emerging-technology research. Based on Forrester’s broad market coverage, WholeView Research provides companies with unified guidance on customer trends, business strategy, and technology investments to help them achieve their business goals.

Designed to be comprehensive, simple-to-use, and accessible, WholeView offers Forrester clients full access to all relevant research from Forrester’s three core research offerings, Technographics®, TechStrategy™, and TechRankings™. Under WholeView, Forrester synthesizes these proprietary research methodologies and extends access through a unified, customizable Web experience. Clients can augment WholeView Research with Unlimited Analyst Access and other Strategic Services offerings.

“Over the past three years, smart Global 3,500 companies have begun to change the way they manage technology,” said George F. Colony, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Forrester Research. “Instead of working in isolation, IT organizations, business managers, and marketing executives are combining their planning to create multidisciplinary technology efforts. Stovepipes don’t work anymore — large companies need a single, seamless sweep, from back-end systems to business systems, out to the customer.

“That’s why we are offering WholeView — a tool to ensure that all players, be they in IT, marketing, or other lines of business, have a complete and woven understanding of customers, strategy, and technology. Forrester has removed its research barriers because the organizational barriers for our clients are falling. Therefore, our clients need a comprehensive solution to address the market, as critical issues around technology have grown more complex and competitive, and the challenging economic environment has made decisions ever more urgent.”

WholeView recognizes the necessity for greater collaboration and speed in today’s business environment. Forrester’s clients can quickly and simply use WholeView Research at one, integrated Web site — enabling decisions to be researched and analyzed at top speed. Unlimited Analyst Access and Strategic Services further strengthen the already close partnership between Forrester and its clients.

About WholeView

WholeView comprises research from:

  • Technographics: the most comprehensive quantitative research program available for determining how technology is considered, bought, and used by consumers and businesses.
  • TechStrategy: Forrester’s new name for its qualitative industry and technology research that analyzes the impact of technology change and informs strategic decision-making.
  • TechRankings: lab-tested evaluations to deliver analysis and online customization tools for selecting and implementing technology products.

In conjunction with WholeView, clients now have the option to purchase Unlimited Analyst Access and Strategic Services. Unlimited Analyst Access helps clients to expand upon the research further and understand how it applies best to their decision-making needs. Strategic Services includes such offerings as the Partners Program and Vendor Advisory Services. Forrester clients will be contacted with further details about WholeView Research.

Forrester Research is a leading emerging-technology research firm providing data and analysis that defines the impact of technology change on business. Forrester’s WholeView Research, Events, and Strategic Services help Global 3,500 clients understand how technology change affects their customers, strategy, and technology investment. Established in 1983, Forrester is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. For additional information, visit

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