Intuitive and easy-to-use “Smiley BoxTM” devices ensure the flow of vital operational data for restoring passenger confidence during the pandemic

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 16, 2021Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR) announced today that airport management company SEA Group is relying on Forrester FeedbackNow’s touchless solution for real-time customer experience (CX) measurement at two of Milan’s busiest airports, Malpensa and Linate.

Together, the two airports welcome 35 million travelers a year on domestic and international routes, with Malpensa operating as Italy’s second-busiest air travel hub. Yet with 28% of Italian consumers — and more than 20% globally — still apprehensive about travel, even as the pandemic subsides, hygiene and cleanliness are top of mind for today’s passengers.

Across the two airports, SEA Group has deployed 140 new touchless FeedbackNow Smiley Boxes at locations including security checkpoints, restaurants, play areas, smoking cabins, restrooms, and car parks. The continued flow of immediate insight from these devices enables SEA Group to prioritize customer safety and channel staff resources more effectively, while enforcing stringent COVID-19 protocols.

“The touchless Smiley Boxes have proven very popular with the passengers, and response rates have remained high, even during the pandemic,” says Delphine Hornez, customer relationship manager, SEA Group. “We use the data every day to plan resources and take corrective actions quickly. FeedbackNow really has become an indispensable tool for our operational managers.”

FeedbackNow data informs day-to-day operational decisions ranging from routine cleaning to planning and phasing larger-scale maintenance and refurbishment projects to minimize passenger disruption and prioritize high-impact areas. Furthermore, the data is used to set objectives for SEA’s cleaning and maintenance vendors, holding them contractually responsible for meeting measurable standards of passenger satisfaction.

Equipped with powerful analytical capabilities, Forrester’s FeedbackNow solution is also critical to SEA Group’s objective to become the industry standard in providing an exceptional customer experience, measured accurately and benchmarked against its CX targets. For example, real-time data collected at Linate airport recorded a 6% “happiness” increase in Q1 2021 after new next-generation security systems were installed that enabled passengers to pass airport checkpoints faster and more safely.

“Passenger habits, needs, and expectations have changed dramatically due to the pandemic,” said Steve Peltzman, Forrester’s chief business technology officer and head of FeedbackNow. “This behavior change necessitates seeking authentic and immediate customer feedback to remediate issues in real-time and improve operational efficiency. Behind the simplicity of the smiley interface is a powerful insight engine and a data-led foundation for making timely and well-informed decisions.”

More than 500 organizations worldwide in the travel, leisure, retail, and healthcare industries rely on FeedbackNow’s real-time analytics to respond quickly to remedy issues and ensure protection and safety during the pandemic.

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About SEA Group

SEA (Società Esercizi Aeroportuali) is the group responsible for managing Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate airports. It is one of the 10 biggest airport operators in Europe for goods and passenger traffic, the second-biggest in Italy for the number of passengers handled, and the biggest in the country for goods transported. SEA aims to be one of the world’s leading airport operators, with the most efficient and advanced levels of service for passengers and goods.