The age of the customer is radically changing the way customers interact with firms. Trends such as the rise of the splinternet, the increase in mobility, and unlimited storage create more customer data than ever before. On the surface, it appears that customer analytics is a well-entrenched discipline in many companies, but under the hood, old challenges persist around data integration and data quality, and new ones emerge around real-time application of insights and the ability to rein in digital data.

On Thursday, April 17, from 11 a.m. to 12 noon ET, Forrester will host a #ForrIdeas Twitter chat with Forrester Research Director Srividya Sridharan based on her research on why converting customer data into meaningful insights is fundamental to the success of every business.

Follow @Forrester on Twitter, and search for the hashtag #ForrIdeas to find the chat. You can follow Srividya at @Srividya.  

The chat will be centered around the following questions:

  • Technology is radically changing your customers. What is the biggest change you have witnessed in the past five years?
  • What is the level of importance given to customer analytics in your organization? 
  • How does your organization identify customer analytics methods to adopt? Or not? 
  • What challenges prevent your organization from making better use of customer analytics?
  • Big data poses new challenges and opportunities for customer analytics. How has your firm responded?